Temps de Rêves

New album comming on 22 January 2017

In this, her second album, Anna Slezakova presents us with a series of musical dreamscapes for the mind to lose itself in. Whether it be on a rainy afternoon or in the stillness of early dawn, listeners will find in this collection a wisely organized gathering of captivating pieces, each of which has a clear connection to the night and the world of the unconscious.


See you soon ...

7 February

18:00 Divadlo Na Orlí: Temps de Rêves


Brno CZ

11 February

12:30 Konzervatoř Olomouc: Conference, Workshop

Olomouc CZ

16 February

18:30 ZUS Jaroslava Kociána: Temps de Rêves


Ústí nad Orlicí CZ

21 February

19:30 Sloupová síň J. A. Komenského: Temps de Rêves


Uherský Brod CZ

26 February

15:00 Kytara Zlín: Temps de Rêves, conference


Zlín CZ